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Plant4Future - Planted forest under global change

The Thematic Strand focuses on planted forest systems and addresses scientific issues related to their adaptation and viability under global changes, as well as their contribution to bio-based economies and to the provision of ecosystem services. It focuses on interactions between planted forests, including agroforestry systems, rural landscapes and socio-economic systems through seven major research areas:

  • 1: Sustainable intensification
  • 2: Provision of ecosystem services
  • 3: Vulnerability and risk management
  • 4: Integrated landscape management
  • 5: Improving and diversifying the products
  • 6: Economic viability and governance
  • 7: Networking and knowledge transfer

This research strand is designed to have an effective executive management associated to a broad participatory structure at the level of the researchers within CEF, including all the research groups ForEco, ForBio, Forchange and ForTec ,as well as of external researchers (e.g. through the EFIATLANTIC and EFIMED networks) and stakeholders (by their participation in the definition of the problems, implementation and monitoring of trials and by knowledge transfer). It will integrate doctoral research projects from the SUSFOR programme.