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CorKnow - Integrated research on cork oak multifunctional forests and the cork chain

The cork oak and cork chain are selected as a research thematic strand in CEF, encompassing the ecosystem, the species and their main product. It integrates the new challenges faced by forests and industry. Climate change adaptations, energy requirements and safety, multidimensional sustainability, evolving societal and market patterns and needs, and knowledge and innovation requirements are the reference framework for the research and methodological design.

The work encompasses the cork oak based forest ecosystem and its multifunctional management, the study of cork oak growth and cork production, a full characterization of cork in a material’s perspective, including processing and new product development, and comprising economical, historical and societal aspects, also integrating an important component of networking and knowledge transfer.

The main are of research are:

  • 1. Cork oak ecosystems and climate change
  • 2. Multifunctional management of cork oak ecosystem under global change
  • 3. Linking cork fundamentals to product performance
  • 4. Bridging present cork economy to future societal and environmental demands
  • 5. Networking and knowledge transfer

CorKnow work will feed on the teams, competencies and research infrastructures of CEF’s research groups ForEco, ForBio, Forchange and ForTec. This thematic strand will integrate doctoral research projects from the SUSFOR doctoral programme.