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Adapt&Serv - Adaptive ecosystem management through multi-scale ecological linkages and services

The ADAPT&SERV thematic strand develops research on ecological processes at multiple scales, and on the identification of reliable biological indicators for adaptive natural resources and land management.

ADAPT&SERV is organized around seven research areas:

  • 1: Ecological responses and adaptive management of invasive species and pests.
  • 2: Regional and global pyrogeography.
  • 3: Linking multiple stressors, ecological responses and ecosystem services in riparian ecosystems.
  • 4: Carbon sequestration and soil and water management.
  • 5: Economic valuation of ecosystem services and governance.
  • 6: Restoration of ecosystem quality and of ecological services.
  • 7: Networking and knowledge transfer.

ADAPT&SERV cross-cuts the ForBio, ForChange, and ForEco research teams and expertise and is closely articulated with CEF doctoral programs.