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ForEco Research Team

ForEco: Forest ecology

Research Team and Contacts:

  Researchers                Current research areas Contact
Akli Ait Benali Remote sensing; Environment; Fire-Human relations; Fire spread Modelling; Uncertainty estimation      
Alexandra Correia Climate change impacts in Mediterranean woody species; Carbon fluxes in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface; P. pinea; Q. suber             
Ana Sá Fire spread modeling, fire regime properties and land use change using satellite data and GIS analysis        
Carla Nogueira Drought and multiple nutrient effects on diversity, productivity and ecosystem C fluxes of a Mediterranean grassland      
Duarte Oom Remote sensing; global pyrogeography; fire regime characterization; global burned area algorithms      
Fernanda Valente Mathematical modelling in hydrology and micrometeorology      
Fernando G Monteiro Earth and environmental sciences (soil science, pedology)      
Filipe Costa e Silva Carbon and water fluxes in Mediterranean ecossystems; tree ecophysiology      
João Costa e Silva Quantitative, evolutionary and population genetics with focus on the management and sustainable use of forest genetic resources              
João M N Silva Vegetation fires. Greenhouse gas emissions from biomass burning. Land use/cover mapping. Remote sensing. Field spectroradiometry. Adaptation to climate change.      
João Santos Pereira Plant responses to stress and climate change; Carbon balance of the ecosystem; Decline of forests and mitigation of CO2 emissions      
Jorge Soares David Catchment hydrology, ecohydrology, tree transpiration, interception loss, water movement inside trees (tree hydraulics)      
José Carlos Rodrigues High-throughput phenotyping characterization of lignocellulosics by FTIR/NIR, analytical pyrolysis and chemometrics      
José M Cardoso Pereira Global and regional pyrogeography; Fire ecology; Remote sensing     
Manuel Madeira Earth and environmental sciences (soil science, natural resources management)     
Manuel L Campagnolo Remote sensing; image processing; pattern recognition     
Maria C Caldeira Ecosystem ecology and tree ecophysiology. Drought effects on ecosystem carbon and water balance. Ecosystem and tree resilience to drought.     
Maria Helena Almeida Plant production; forest genetics; adaptability     
Maria João Martins Applied mathematics to ecology and biology; Estimation in extreme value theory; Computational statistics; Numerical methods    
Maria J P Vasconcelos        
Maria Margarida Ribeiro Population genetics; natural resources conservation; forest tree improvement      
Marjan Jongen Productivity and biodiversity in sown pastures; Application of remote sensing technologies as a decision support tool for management of sown pastures      
Patrícia M Alexandre Wildfires; wildland urban interface; spatial modeling; spatial analysis; building loss to wildfires       
  Pedro Silva Applied mathematical research to Ecology and Biology; fundamental mathematical research              
Raquel Lobo-do-Vale Tree ecophysiology; tree responses to drought and warming, including extreme events      
Rita Costa Genetics and genomics of woody species; plant biotechnology; breeding for resistance to biotic stresses; molecular markers      
Sofia Cerasoli Spectral vegetation indices for stress monitoring in Mediterranean forests; Trees response to climate change, including extreme events; Carbon balance at leaf and tree scale.      
Teresa Soares David Ecophysiology and Ecohydrology; plant water relations; tree hydraulics; drought; roots      
Tiago Monteiro-Henriques Native (Quercus spp.) forest regeneration, clustering of vegetation data; bioclimatological mapping              
Tiago Oliveira Wildfire risk management; risk governance; technology, policy and management      
Xavier Lecomte Land use and ecosystem functioning; Plant-animal interactions, grazing and browsing; shrub encroachment; carbon sequestration and fire behavior; soil nutrient cycling      
Yannick Le Page Global vegetation fire modeling; Integrated Natural-Human system assessments; land use change and impacts; Agro-ecological zoning.      


  Colaborating Researchers current research areas Contact
  Ana Carla Madeira    
  Catarina Moura
  Fernando Leite Pereira         
  Francisco Abreu
  João Carreiras  
  John Gash
Jorge Orestes Cerdeira Mathematical models for biodiversity conservation       
  Maria da Graça Abrantes
Maria do Carmo Horta Soil science; Fertilization; Plant nutrition; Sustainable management of P fertilizers; Use of biosolids and compost as fertilizers       
Maria João Gaspar 
Maria Madalena Fonseca Earth and environmental sciences (soil science; geology; mineralogy; mineralogical study of soil fractions by XRD analysis)      
  Nuno Borralho
  Nuno Cortez


  Doctoral students current research areas Contact
Ana Paula Rodrigues Plant ecophysiology: responses to abiotic stress (plant physiology, biochemistry and metabolomics).      
Ana Raquel Rodrigues Earth and environmental sciences; Agroforestry systems management and soil quality monitoring; Soil C and N fluxes and dynamics
  António Correia  
Melanie Häusler Remote sensing; Modelling surface energy fluxes over drought and fire affected areas; Monitoring evapotranspiration       
Teresa Sampaio Quantitative genetics; Statistical modeling applied to forest genetics.      



  Research Assistants CURRENT RESEARCH AREAS Contact
Carla Faria Plant production techniques; forest genetic improvement; conservation of genetic resources; environmental education