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ForChange Research Team

ForChange: Forest ecosystem management under global change

Research Team and Contacts:

  Researchers current research areas Contact
Brigite Roxo Botequim Forest and fire management planning; Fire-adapted silviculture; Fire behaviour modelling and simulators; DSS for fuel management sensitivity analysis; Forest dynamics disturbance modelling          ORCID
Carla S Pimentel Population ecology; Adaptive management; Climatic impacts; Forest insects and pathogens impact          ORCID
Joana Amaral Paulo Forest ecology and management; Cork and cork oak modelling; Forest inventory; Forest biometry; New and traditional agroforestry systems; Statistical analysis; Rural development          ORCID
Joao H N Palma Process-based modelling; Agroforestry systems; Climate change; GIS; Model implementation (programming); High power computing for large datasets          ORCID
José G Borges Forest resources management and conservation; Forest resources economics; Forest planning; Analysis of benefit/cost and ecosystem services trade-off; Risk and uncertainty; Operations research; DSS          ORCID
Margarida Tomé Forest resources inventory; Forest models (empirical and process-based)          ORCID
Paula Soares Forest inventory; Drones; Empirical Growth models; Process based-models; Biomass; Silvicultural systems          ORCID
Susana Barreiro Forest inventory; Empirical and process-based forest models; Forest simulators; Forest management          ORCID
Susete Marques Fire risk and damage models; forest management planning; multiple criteria optimization; trade-off analysis          ORCID


  Colaborating Researchers current research areas Contact
Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo Forest planning and economics; Optimization; Adaptive management; Multi-objective optimization; Decision support systems          ORCID
José Sousa Uva Forest inventory 
  Maria Manuela Melo Oliveira
Pedro Ochôa de Carvalho Forest governance and policy          ORCID


  Doctoral students current research areas Contact
Alexandra Nunes Use of new technologies to determine the yield of pine nuts in stone pine 

Diogo Cosenza Forest modelling; Forest management and planning; Airborne Laser Scanning; Forest optimization; Artificial intelligence applications          ORCID
João Rua Forest modelling; Green barriers; Disturbances; Forest simulators; Landscape Ecology          ORCID
João E P Silva Forest inventory; Stone pine forest modelling          ORCID
Josep Crous-Duran Agroforestry systems; Modelling ecosystem services; Process-based models; Quantification and economic/sustainable valuation 
Juan Guerra-Hernandez Remote sensing; Forest inventory; Airborne laser scanning; Photogrammetry; GIS          ORCID
Marco Marto Forest decision support systems; Forest statistical modelling and planning; Forest economics and management; Programming          ORCID
Marlene Marques Forest management and planning; Ecosystem Services; Multiple Objectives; Group Decision Making; GIS          ORCID
Ricardo Mateus Multicriteria decision analysis; Optimization; Mathematical programming; Data mining; Forest management; Operations research          ORCID
Sonia P Faias Forest inventory; Forest modelling; Forest management; Model implementation (programming)          ORCID
Paulo Firmino Forest Inventory; Cork; Cork oak modelling; UAVs; Pine wilt disease



  Research Assistants current research areas Contact
 Jean Magalhões
GIS (Geographic Information System); Cartography;   Forest Inventory.
Patrícia Pécurto  Forest management and planning, Ecosystem services, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing applied to the territorial management
Raquel Almeida Agroforestry, AFINET, dissemination, comunication, events, translation, review.  

Carlos Caldas Forest economics. Forest management and planning. Forest sector models., Ecosystem services ORCID
Sandra Veloso Intra and inter-specific competition in the cork oak system; Ecophysiology          ORCID



Secretariat  ASSISTANTS

Management Contact
Ágata Lam ForChange Group



co-coordinator / Secretariat

Catarina Tavares

Erasmus Mundus Master  - MEDfOR