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ForBio Research Team

ForBio: Sustainable management of biotic resources, ecosystem quality and services

Research Team and Contacts:

  Researchers current research areas Contact
Ana Cabral GIS, tropical landscapes; agricultural systems.

António Fabião

Biomass and primary production dynamics; riparian forest management, conservation and rehabilitation; arboriculture and urban forestry.

Ana Novais Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and Environmental change; Economic rationalities; Collective action; Socio-ecosystem analysis.
David Rodrigues Waterfowl, Wetlands and Forest Ecology, Population Dynamics and Wise-use.      
Elsa Borges Silva Entomology, insect reproduction, pest management, biological control, pheromones and semiochemicals.      javascript:void(0)
Francisca C Aguiar Riparian forests and aquatic vegetation; ecological quality; invasion ecology; functional ecology; ecosystem services.      
João Manuel Oliveira

Fish-forestry interactions; freshwater fish ecology; fisheries management;biological quality of streams.

José Carlos Franco

Entomology, Insect Ecology, Biological Control, Integrated Pest Management, Semiochemicals.

José Lima  Santos Environmental economics; land management      
José Maria Santos

Ecohydraulics; fish migration; ecology of freshwater fish; river restoration and habitat modelling.

Manuela Branco

Forest entomology; forest protection; forest pests; biological control; insect ecology; population ecology.

Maria João Canadas Socio-economic analysis.    
Maria Rosário Fernandes

Riparian ecology; remote sensing and GIS applications; optical traits; landscape metrics; remote detection of alien species.

Maria Teresa  Ferreira

Freshwater ecology and management; fish ecology and fisheries; riparian ecology; ecosystem quality assessment; river restoration.

Marina Padrão Temudo

Political Agronomy, Political Ecology; Human Ecology; Rural Sociology; Technography.

Patricia M Rodríguez-González

Wetland & riparian forests ecology; functional ecology; community ecology; plant ecohydrology & dendroecology; riparian restoration.

Paulo Branco

Freshwater fish ecology, ecohydraulics, fishways, river longitudinal connectivity, experimental ecology, multiple stressors.

Paulo Ribeiro Conservation agriculture; agricultural economics; farming systems.

Pedro Segurado

Ecological modelling; connectivity; effects of multiple stressors in rivers; river fish ecology; herpetology; ecology of freshwater turtles.



  Colaborating Researchers current research areas Contact



  Doctoral students current research areas Contact
Ana Farinha Forest entomology; pest control; population ecology; stone pine; insect biodiversity.     
Ana Martins Pinheiro Environmental management and environmental

André Garcia

Entomology; Biology and control of forest insects; Invasive species; Eucalyptus.

André Fabião

Riparian ecosystems; riparian buffers; denitrification enhancing organic carbon substrates; river restoration.

Daniel Hayes Freshwater ecology and management; environmental flow; hydropeaking; fish ecology; river restoration.      
Gonçalo Duarte Environmental history; fish ecology; ecological modeling.     
Ivana Lozanovska  Riparian vegetation, riparian ecology, functional ecology, ecosystem services     
Konstantin Ochs Riparian vegetation, aquatic vegetation, fluvial processes, geomorphology, ecological modelling, river restoration.      
Rui Pedro Rivaes

Ecological modeling; riparian vegetation; freshwater fishes; ecohydraulics; river restoration; ecological quality and monitoring.

Susana Dias Amaral

River restoration; freshwater fish ecology and conservation; fish passage engineering; ecohydraulics.

Susana Rocha

Forest entomology; forest protection; insect ecology.

Vera Zina Entomology; Pest Management; Biological control; Ecology and taxonomy of ants.    



  SECREtARIAT Assistants Contact
Ana Micaela Silva