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Music in Forest

Concert with "Bellows Orchestra" at Tapada da Ajuda | May, 24th – 16 h

The harmonics-to-Bellows is a traditional Portuguese instrument, with wide deployment in the country (not just in the northern region), which raises more and more interest, especially among the younger generations of musicians and musicologists.

It's an ancient instrument whose origin is discussed by theorists, and much associated with rural and pastoral environments.

Their sound is associated with some mysticism and this is not unrelated to its use in moments of pleasure (like parties), moments of deep reflection and devotion (as cults) or moments of rage (like wars).
It's an instrument made ​​from materials available in nature and built by hand, based on empirical knowledge, the Portuguese Association for the Study and Dissemination of harmonics-to-Bellows has sought to study, promote and enhance (

In this sense, Tapada da Ajuda, forestry, agricultural and botanical park of about 100 acres in the heart of Lisbon, but largely unknown, it's ideal for the enjoyment of the harmonic music-Bagpiper open space forest site listening to music Bellows Orchestra (, feeling the forest and living the magic between the two.

Come watch and learn a sound and a special place!

NOTE: If you wish, you may bring blankets or pillows to sit on. The space is natural and typical of a forest environment.

The entry at Tapada da Ajuda is free if you come on foot. If you want to go by car, you will have to pay € 1.5 for access.

The concert site is distant about 750 yards from the gate Rua Jau, where it will make the entry.