Each participant institution has an individual manager who is the responsible of the good progress of the ForEAdapt program in each member location and ISA coordinator will be in charge of the correct development of the whole program. The responsibles in each institution will be the following ones:

  • ISA: Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo * (jordigarcia (at)
  • SLU: Ljusk Ola Eriksson (Ola.Eriksson (at)
  • UEF: Timo Pukkala (Timo.pukkala (at)
  • UPM: Luis Diaz-Balteiro (Luís.diaz.balteiro (at)
  • DII: Andrés Weintraub Pohorille (aweintra (at)
  • PUC: María Paulina Fernández (pfernan (at)
  • UPS: Luiz Carlos Estraviz Rodriguez (lcer (at)
  • SFR: Marc E. McDill (Mem14 (at)
  • VT: Harold E. Burkhart (Burkhart (at)

  • * project coordinator


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