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Francisco Moreira

Coordinator of the Biodiversity in Agricultural and Forest Ecosystems Research Area

Email: fmoreira(a#t)isa.ulisboa.pt

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(doi: 10.1111/gcb.13487)

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Study of the effects of fire and forest management in cork oak forest stands

Funding: Municipality of Coruche (CMC) and Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). Period: 2013-Present. Reference: SFRH/BPD/93373/2013.

WILDGUM - A multi-scale approach to study the naturalization of blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) in Portugal

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). Period: May 2013 to May 2015. Reference: PTDC/AGR-FOR/2471/2012.

EDGES - Ecologically Scaled Edge Responses: Patterns, Mechanisms and Predictive Modelling

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). Period: April 2013 to September 2015. Reference: PTDC/BIA-BIC/2203/2012.

PERIURBAN - Peri-urban areas facing sustainability challenges: scenario development in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). Period: March 2012 to February 2015. Reference: PTDC/AUR-AQI/117305/2010.

FIREREG - Factors affecting the post-fire natural regeneration variability in Pinus pinaster and Eucalyptus globulus in Portugal: implications for biodiversity and post-fire management

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). Period: June 2010 to September 2013. Reference: PTDC/AGR-CFL/099420/2008.

PHOENIX - Forest conversion in burned areas

Funding: Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), POCI Program. Period: 2005-2008.

Resistance of tree species to fire and cumulative effects of herbivory

Funding: Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), POCI Programme. Period: 2005-2007. Reference: POCI/AGR/61407/2004.

EFORWOOD: Tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Forestry-Wood Chain

Funding: EU, 6th Framework Programme, Integrated Project - "Global Change and Ecosystems". Period: 2004-2009.

Burned Areas Recovey

Funding: Fundo Florestal Permanente. Period: 2004-2009. Reference: 2004090026297.

Birds monitoring in the Pedrógão region

Funding: EDIA. Period: 2003-2005.

Agricultural changes and avian nest predation in mediterranean arable farmland: the role of habitat edges and corridors

Funding: Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), POCTI Programme. Period: 2002-2005. Reference: POCTI/BSE/38601/2001.

Geographic variation in the abundance and reproductive biology of the turtledove (Streptopelia turtur (L.)). Implications for game management

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), POCTI Programme. Period: 2002-2005. Reference: POCTI/BSE/41067/2001.

Steppe birds monitoring in the Alqueva region

Funding: EDIA. Period: 1999-2003.

Passerines monitoring in the Alqueva region

Funding: EDIA. Period: 1999-2003.

Effect of the hunting regime in terrestrial vertebrates

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), PRAXIS XXI Programme. Period: 1999-2000. Reference: PRAXIS/AGR/C/11062/98. 

Prescribed fire effect on populations of terrestrial vertebrates

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation(FCT), Specific Enviroment Program. Period: 1998-2000. Reference: PEAM/C/IF/004/97.

FIRE TORCH - Prescribed burning as a tool for the Mediterranean region: a management approach

Funding: EU, 6th Framework Programme, "Environment and Climate". Period: 1998-2000. Reference: ENV4-CT97-0715.

Control and management of vegetation in forest areas

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