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Activities and Outputs


Burned Areas Recovey

Funding: Fundo Florestal Permanente. Period: 2004-2009. Reference: 2004090026297.


Effect of the hunting regime in terrestrial vertebrates

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), PRAXIS XXI Programme. Period: 1999-2000. Reference: PRAXIS/AGR/C/11062/98. 


Passerines monitoring in the Alqueva region

Funding: EDIA. Period: 1999-2003.


BIOASSESS - Biodiversity Assessment tools

Funding: EU, 6th Framework Programme, "Environment and Climate". Period: 2000-2003. Reference: EVK2-CT-1999-00041.


Agricultural changes and avian nest predation in mediterranean arable farmland: the role of habitat edges and corridors

Funding: Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), POCTI Programme. Period: 2002-2005. Reference: POCTI/BSE/38601/2001.


Birds monitoring in the Pedrógão region

Funding: EDIA. Period: 2003-2005.


FORSEE - Sustainable forest management: a pilot zones network for operational methodologies

Co-funding: UE, INTERRREG IIIB - Arco Atlântico Programme, 020 - FORSEE. Period: 2003-2006.

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